Kendall Jenner Shares How She's Overcome "Challenges" and "Mistakes" Amid Shift in Her Career

Kendall Jenner Discusses Overcoming Career "Mistakes"

Kendall Jenner is looking at her career with more of an introspective eye.

The 818 Tequila founder recently reflected on embracing a new chapter in her professional life, noting that she still sometimes experiences "moments of self-doubt and confusion" as an entrepreneur.

"The shift into being a founder and owning my business," Kendall explained during the 2023 Forbes Under 30 Summit on Octคำพูดจาก เว็บตรงอันดับ1. 9, "was a really cool way of getting to know myself."

That said, the Kardashians star—who faced controversy amid the launch of her tequila brand—realizes that the journey isn't always perfect.

"You face challenges, you make mistakes—knowing yourself and knowing how you handle things, and then moving accordingly, is super important," the 27-year-old noted. "There's a learning curve to it all but working with integrity and authenticity is always going to create positive results."

As Kendall noted, her latest chapter is all about self-discovery.คำพูดจาก สล็อต888 PG

"I feel like I'm also in a really transitional period in my life," she explained. "Spiritually, work-wise, mentally, like I think I'm just kind of really coming into my own."

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In fact, Kendall said she has never felt more like herself "than this moment," especially when it comes to finding her own voice in the midst of a famous family.

Kendall Jenner Shares How She's Overcome "Challenges" and "Mistakes" Amid Shift in Her Career

"I think that one thing that we all have—we all being me and my sisters and my family—is there's never been a competitiveness between any of us, so I think overshadowing has never been a thing," the model shared. "I think I've always felt secure in who I am as a person."

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And Kendall is honing in on nurturing that confidence as time goes on.

"Although I have so much more to learn, I think that I've come to a place now, at 27, where I've never felt more comfortable with myself," she added, "and I think that's what kind of fit in so well with me transitioning into this entrepreneurial side of myself. I think that's it's only kind of worked for me better that way. I just feel really, really happy with where I'm at."

As she put it, "I feel really fortunate and really blessed that I'm in a position now that I feel really good about where I'm at and I hope it only continues to grow, honestly. And it only gets more and more clear to me of who I am and where I feel I need to be."

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